The Argentine mind: horselovers, focusing on playing and enjoying live. The Argentine countryside: huge farmlands, perfect for breeding outstanding polo horses. The Argentine polo-families: long-established, playing polo with 3 generations on the highest level. No wonder why there is no better place on earth to learn polo!

At the Argentina Polo Academy you will experience the Argentine polo vibration, you will train together with professional players, eat asado with the grooms, go polo-shopping with the manager, visit high-goal tournaments and train your swing in daily classes and club-chukkers. Be right in there, welcome to the Academy!


… a typical day at the Academy

  • 09:00 hs

    MORNING GET-TOGETHER Meeting up with the polo-trainers & preparation of the highlights of the upcoming polo day. Our meeting-point is the "La Matera", the Gauchos house, the Academy´s headquarter at the Polo Resort, with Argentine mate and recently baked medialunas.

  • 10:00hs

    BEGINNING OF MORNING TRAINING Private class with famous polo coach Santiago Novillo Astrada or training with some of the other trainers of the Argentina Polo Academy.

  • 11:00hs

    STICK & BALL TRAINING Practice your new technique

  • 13:00hs

    ASADO & WINE ... a great barbecue or a delicious lunch of homemade Argentine cuisine under the trees, right next to the polo fields

  • 14:00hs

    TIME TO REST in the hammocks, the swimming-pool or in the beautiful nature

  • 15:00hs

    PREPARATION OF POLO PRACTICA The grooms are happy to teach some of their secrets...

  • 16:00hs

    POLO-PRACTICA With professional Argentine players, either at the Argentina Polo Academy or at other polo clubs nearby. Beginners or visitors enjoy the stunning match from the outside and learn all about the game and tactics.    

  • 18:00hs

    AFTER A REST: some of the additional options are a ride with the gauchos or bici-polo  

  • 20:00hs

    THE POLO-DINNER ... made by the gauchos  

  • 21:00hs


Team, Teachers & Pros

Always in good mood and with the highest professionalism you can get. You probably will not meet them all, but the ones you´ll meet will make your polo experience unforgettable…

Fidel Rodriguez Alvarez

Director + Polo Manager

The Academys operating director. Fidel manages the real power of the Argentina Polo Academy: Polo, Polo & Polo!

Santiago Novillo Astrada

Polo Coach

Member of the famous Novillo-Astrada family, Santiago dedicated his life to Polo-Coaching gaining world wide reputation.

Marion Acosta

Director Argentina Polo Academy

The Academys administrative director and coordinator for all international guests. If you need anything: get in touch with her!

Lia Salvo - professional Polo Player

Lia Salvo


With 9 goals one of the worlds best female polo players. Join her in clinics and private classes when she is around!

Pepe Riglos polo coach

Pepe Riglos

Horse Casting & Coach

As former 7 goal player Pepe enjoys international reputation as undisputed expert for polo training & horse casting.

Polofitness trainer at the Argentina Polo Academy

India Parker-Smith

Polo Fitness Trainer

Take a weekend and get fit for your next polo tournament with India, your personal and highly effective polo fitness trainer!

Claudia Ristau

Tourism Manager Europe

Based in Germany, Claudia is your contact if you live in Europe and our contact person for all European Polo Clubs.

Alejandra Asurmendi

Organization + Kids Polo School

The Academys creative head, organizing daily polo-programs, events, clinics and the kids polo school at the front end.

Dr. Paula Franco

Medical Advice & Sports Trainer

Specializing on prevention of sports injuries with thesis in polo, she is our guru for polo nutrition + special exercises.

Tomás Ezcurra

Polo Coach

An honour to get a lesson from Tomy! Ex-high-goal Player, now coaching players from the La Dolfina & Aguada Team.

Javier Piñeiro


Any suggestion of fatigue? You will beg Javier to act. He is the Academys only responsable for miracles and it works!

Tomas Maynard

Polo Trainer

Polo-Manager of the prestigious La Cañada Polo Club and the Academies trainer for the most advanced kids group.


Together with the Argentina Polo Academy, International Polo Clubs & Polo Associations, as well as outstanding Argentine professionals do work together to ensure the best results, every day!

Thank you to everybody, we are proud of you!


Do you want to get involved in Polo in Argentina with you home polo or horse riding club? Take part in the Exchange Program!

Do you want to spend some intensive polo days in the Academy on an individual basis? Book now and get a special rate!


Experience passion, power, horses, gauchos… and the best polo in the world.
The Argentina Polo Academy takes you right into the Argentine culture.

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