Yes, please send more information about the Ladies Tournament!

The 5th Ladies Cup in La Cañada Buenos Aires, Argentina and you are invited to participate!

The tournament handicap will be from 0 to 6 (femenin handicap by the AAP), we will play 2 matches of 3 chukkers on Saturday and one match of 5 chukkers on Sunday.

International players can enjoy the whole tournament package including horses, grooms,
accomodation and airport pick-up.

For visitors apart from outstanding ladies polo matches there will be food stands, ponies for the kids & stands by the sponsors, so welcome to spectators, the entrance is free!

The fee is: US$ 200 per player. Teams with sponsor +US$ 160 (per team).
Register either as single player or with your team until the 20th of February 2018 .