Do you love horses & nature? And want to safe some money but learn all about polo anyway? Welcome at the Polo-Working-Experience, with some incredible insights of working with the grooms and your daily intensive polo training at the Academy.

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The Argentina Polo Academy will show you everything, organize your trip & pick up at the airport and care for you during your whole stay. No need to speak Spanish. You will help out the grooms, other players, care for the horses, look after the installations and of course: enjoy the real Argentine Polo, either in the Academy in Buenos Aires or in the European Academy headquarter in Jerez, Andalucia/Spain.

More information:

  • We organize your pick up from the airport or from the city centre of Buenos Aires

  • Included: your daily intensive polo class or stick & ball and accomodation. Polo learning and working with the grooms. Day off on Monday.

  • Price per adult: only USD 70,- usd/day. Minimum stay: 2 weeks.
    If you want to join in the club chukkers: +USD 30,-/instructional chukker


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